Brenda Baart

Stylist Brenda Baart

"Art is an important part of my life: I enjoy it and it gives me a good feeling. I have followed the training, styling and furnishing. For me it is always a very special experience when I the visitors art can make and appreciate a work of art knows how to choose both a particular person as to his or her home. That right match, that gives me satisfaction".

Art Gallery Pot!

Are you looking for a nice addition to your interior? At Pot Interieur you can choose from more than 500 art objects by various artists to complete your interior. Due to the varied selection, you will always find a work of art that suits you. Customized delivery is also possible. In our showroom, each art object is provided with a short introduction about the artist and a QR code for more information. You will receive the certificate of authenticity with the purchase.

Art advice

Gallery keeper and art stylist Brenda Baart is also available throughout the year during your search for the perfect artwork. She gives advice and when in doubt she'll come personally to your house with different works. This way you can see what suits your interior best. She looks at the style and the use of colour in your home. Art stylist Brenda Baart can be found at Pot Interieur every Sunday on the first floor for a personal conversation about art. You are always welcome!

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Contact details

Brenda Baart
Every Sunday afternoon present on the first floor in Art Gallery Pot
For questions please contact tel. 00.31.(0)

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