Art from Art Gallery  

Art is personal. With art, you go with your feeling. Feeling for style, design, colour, ... but often you will simply find the artwork beautiful, without being able to explain it. Something in it appeals to you. Art gives the finishing touch to the interior or is the eye catcher when you enter. With art you put your own stamp on the room. An art object gives you the ultimate feeling of home ... even in an office space.

Art advice   

When choosing a work of art many things come to mind: colour, design, feeling, material, ... Brenda Baart knows this better than anyone else. She is happy to assist you during the search for your work of art, her artistic advice focuses entirely on you and your wishes. After an introduction, an appointment is put on the agenda, during a conversation with Brenda she maps all your wishes. Afterwards you will receive a digital or written folder with the detailed advice: a mood board, a picture or drawing adapted to your home, a syllabus with the advice, product samples, …



Brenda Baart:  "Art is an important part of my life: I enjoy it and it gives me a good feeling." I have followed the training courses styling and home furnishings and can use the knowledge gained in my work in this beautiful furniture store. For me, combining art with beautiful designer furniture is a very special challenge: I like to see and feel the emotions that the artist manages to put in his work and I would like to translate this into the layout and showroom. It’s a special experience when I can let the visitors appreciate the art and find a work that suits both them and their interior. "Making the right match, that is satisfying to me.”                      



Dive into the world of art.

Art sometimes entails many possibilities, it is of course a world in itself. We are really happy to take you digitally into the world of art & interior. Read Brenda Baart's latest blog and/or sign up for our inspiration newsletter (*our newsletter is written in Dutch).