Art Gallery respects the privacy of online visitors to its website and is the sole owner of the information that is obtained through this website, unless otherwise indicated. This information is not sold, shared, or rented by Art Gallery to third parties other than as disclosed in this privacy statement.

Information revealing the identity of a visitor to the Web site of Art Gallery online can be derived, is voluntarily provided by the visitor. This information may, within Art Gallery (and all its subsidiaries and brands) are used with the aim of visits to our websites as easy and enjoyable as possible. In addition, this information may be used for analysis and the provision of information about the product portfolio of Art Gallery. The customer gives explicit permission here. Art Gallery is entitled information about a visitor to disclose, in special cases where there is reason to believe that the disclosure of such information is necessary to identify, make contact with, or a process to file suit against someone who intentionally or unintentionally the rights or property of Art Gallery other users of its website or others who may encounter this damageharms, or otherwise harm. Art Gallery is entitled to disclose information about users when we believe in good faith that the law requires it.

Art Gallery collects non-personal information about our online visitors in order to establish the total number of visitors of the website, as well as the type of Internet browser and operating system. Personal data may be removed at the request of the online visitor insofar as this requires a disproportionate effort or costs for Art Gallery.

Intellectual property rights

Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, the full copyrights and all other intellectual and industrial property rights covering goods delivered or services, such as by Art Gallery trademark rights, model rights, patent rights, sui generis database rights, etc., solely with Art Gallery and/or its suppliers.
Parties undertake to take sufficient measures to guarantee confidentiality with regard to each other's information of a confidential nature which they adopt knowledge in the implementation of the agreement




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