Roeland van der Kley The triplet of Terhole

Price: €5700.-

format: 130 x 140 cm



Triplets, as they are known in the neighborhood, they are identical triplets, there’s no way of keeping them apart. Louise, Jacqueline and Ilse. (…) Most people refer to them as the three graces. They did not grow up with velvet gloves, but with shovel and dung fork. Yet the sisters know how to present themselves properly. Fashionable clothes that looks more for a robust urban lady then fits the three sturdy farmers girls. (…) One day an official of the government appeared to urge them to leave the land. The family heard him and told him that it was still theirs. Never has a Terhole himself left the land. They turned him away. But the civil servant thought differently. Who could stop him? But he didn’t know the history of the land, and certainly not of the mysterious history of the Terhole family.

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