GEERT JAN JANSEN. Master forger (DVD)

Single-handedly, he has the whole of the international art world. The snobbery, the avarice and hypocrisy exposed. Not just once, but dozens of art experts and appraisers may be years. drink blood. Auctioneers see him rather go than come and museum directors do not want to be seen with him. Their annoyances are understandable. But there is also a double morality, especially among art dealers. That explain him all to pariah, but in reality they have earned to his work. Knowingly. There were even at directly at him ordered. Works of Apple, Chagall, Matisse, Mondrian, Dali, Miró, Picasso, Hockney, Klimt, Cocteau, Jorn, De Kooning, Andy Warhol, the list is long.

The quality of his paintings is so masterfully that, for example, Apple are ' own work ' for really mistook and certified. At his arrest in France in 1994 laid the police seizure of more than 1600 masterpieces. There were also originals works of art between. But to this day there is no expert really managed to distinguish false. Also, there was no complaint of people who felt cheated. For that reason alone he by friend and enemy is considered the greatest art forger of the past century. Still, he paints in the style of great masters, but now under his own name: Geert Jan Jansen.

Running time 75 minutes, Language Dutch.

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