Roeland van der Kley Welkom to the surface

Price: €6400.-

format: 100 x 160 cm


Description:  "She has managed to reach the top by herself to living work of art. By her extreme makeup, she has managed to amass fame and now the top is finally reached, only thing that rests is her fall down. Her top is already in disrepair. She has tried to mask this by painting her beloved artistic patterns on the tower, but it will not help her. The tower is in a heap, and if she would crawl in the tower, she runs the risk of falling of the top with it. She has reached the top. But there is nothing more for her. She has two choices presented to her. 1.With Tower and all in the ravine. 2. clean herself up, change her clothes and descend from the top on her own. That last one seems most logical. No one will recognise her and she can lead an ordinary life. But she will miss the urge to eternal fame. All this attention. She can no longer accept an ordinary life. Within the concept of “Interiors from art” it’s possible to buy the work of art to complete the styling.

We will replicate the image of parts of it on wallpaper, pillows, etc. and other home accessories. This tailored for you and your interior, for more information please contact art stylist Brenda Baart.

Note: At Art Gallery Pot you have the opportunity to make a reservation for this artwork. Whilst making the reservation you have 2 options; you can visit Art Gallery Pot (first floor at Pot Interior Axel) to buy the artwork or you can schedule an appointmet on a location by your choice. When you buy the artwork the reservation amount will be deducted.

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