Ans Markus

Recently I was in Amsterdam with Ans Markus. Here I have not only met a wonderful artist, but also a friendly, charming woman. For whom beauty occupies an important place. Her striking and elegant appearance is reflected in her paintings: they are all very carefully composed compositions. Both leave a huge impression.

Ans Markus' paintings

That is why I came up with the idea to exhibit her works in the Minotti studio at Pot Interieur in Axel. The combination of the realistic paintings and the gentle use of colour give the studio a special touch. In the  self-portraits Ans Markus gives an ode to the great couturiers through the beautiful dresses. With her brush she conjures up an experience that gives your living room a very personal atmosphere, this is very   museum-like in the appropriate interiors. Because of their style and their size, the portraits are very suitable for a prominent place on a long or high wall in your living room or office. With this you have a real  eyecatcher from a leading artist.

 Your portrait painted by Ans Markus

Do you prefer a portrait of yourself or your partner? Ans Markus can paint the portrait using one or more photos. She doesn’t only paint what she sees, she looks into the soul of the person and lets the experience and emotion return to the face and the pose.

 A cicle of Ans Markus  

In addition to her paintings, Ans Markus makes ciclees, a photograph of a real work on finemeshed canvas. This technique is also used in museums to replace a real work, so that the
original is optimally protected. These ciclees may not be unique, but very affordable and very
similar to the original.

 Ans Markus' constellation

 The signed signs of Ans Markus are framed and the price will amaze you.

Interior advice for your art, art advice for your interior

If you need advice on where you can place the painting in your home or business, I will gladly help you. If you want to have your home decorated according to the design and the use of colour in the art object, I will take care of it. This way, your artwork will become the eye catcher of the room. 

An artistic greeting

Brenda Baart