White is often too white, cooler white has a sterility. This can work very well in some cases, for example in combination with graphics or other artwork with bright colours. In many cases, however, a cool back wall is barred. Completely white spaces are a concept from the twentieth century. In modern interiors people nowadays use less harsh colours, nuances that ensure that the artwork hangs in a softer, more natural environment.

To highlight a specific work of art, one can choose a color from the painting for the wall and give the other walls a different colour. Remember: dark walls make a painting lighter.

A colour often does not look strong until you paint the whole room in that colour. You want the walls to be extras. People often underestimate the power of a colour. Also pay attention to undertones, all colour you need might be hidden in a grey or beige tone. A statement wall such as the concrete look can also perfectly serve as a background for a work of art.

At Art Gallery Pot we have started thinking about this. In collaboration with Decoration we have given a number of walls at Pot Interieur a special effect. The paint from Decoration has an extra matte structure, which absorbs the light, making the artwork even more striking. But often it is difficult to estimate how this translates into a space ...

Especially when the space is still under construction, or certain renovations still have to be carried out.

Within Art Gallery Pot we have a special interior advice in our range, with the focus on decorating with art. With my background in interior design and art styling, I started to focus on the role of colours, shapes and styles within the interior. This allows me to give a total picture of your future interior. This (art) advice includes drawing a floor plan, working out an image with the chosen documents and working out a written plan.

An artful greeting!

Brenda Baart