As a stylist there are other tasks I can perform for you, first of all: I can give  presentations or workshops. During these workshops i’ll give you a few tips and tricks which will help you in styling your own house. Secondly: I can create a sales styling for your house. It has been proven countless times in house magazines and/or tv shows, that making your house sale ready is an important factor for the potential buyer. When a stylist adjust a few simple things, a house can sell much faster. The atmosphere in the house at the time of a visit of the potential buyer is crucial. With my experience and professionalism I can create a space and atmosphere in which everyone will feel at home. And finally: I can give you personal home styling advice.

Do you watch with great admiration the beautifully decorated showrooms of furniture stores or to that luxuriously furnished living room in the magazines and television programs? These are all designed by professional stylists. Most people think these interiors are not for them. Too bad, because often with only a few small changes great results will appear! Do you have any other wishes that are not mentioned on this site, I would like to discuss them with you. 


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